All-On-4™ method: A fully functional and aesthetic rehabilitation in just a few hours

Author: Željko Popadić,

In just a few hours implants and teeth on these implants are being installed. All-On-4™ is a method that has revolutionized the view to implant dentistry. It is equally popular amongst doctors of dental medicine and patients. Here's why...

This method is intended for patients who want a fixed prosthetic restoration but miss all their teeth or have teeth that are in very poor condition, and those patients who have an inadequate amount of bone to have implants installed and are not candidates for conventional implant treatment.

All-On-4™ method implies having 4 fixtures surgically placed and immediately followed by fixing a full acrylic bridge on these implants the same day, actually in just a few hours. This temporary acrylic bridge will remain fixed on implants until their osseointegration is finished. It is recommended that a permanent implant bridge is produced and installed on the same implants after 3-5 months. In some cases a temporary acrylic bridge can remain for longer time if it is well maintained. All-On-4™ restoration is screw retained thus allowing your dentist to detach it when it is needed.

The specificity of this procedure is that the full dental arch of 12 teeth is being fixed on just four implants. Due to the special method of placing implants bone regeneration is not necessary, which is a common need in the case of complete loss of teeth.

Its advantages are minimum time spent in the dental chair, a short recovery time, no bone augmentation, no sinus lifts and similar complex surgical procedures, it is significantly cheaper than conventional dental implant treatment, it allows complete rehabilitation of masticatory function, it represents a long-term aesthetic solution and allows for proper maintenance of oral hygiene.

From the point of view of total edentulism, comparing the conventional complete dentures with All-On-4™ method the only advantage of the denture is its low price! There is no irritation of the gums, no need for removing dentures every night, tasting the food is like natural because there is no palatal plate and it prevents long-term weakening of the jaw.

All-On-4™ absolutely improves quality of life in every way and represents excellent value for money!

Learn if you are a candidate for the All-On-4™ treatment!


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