Computer Guided Implantology - Fiction or Reality?

Author: Željko Popadić

NobelGuide ™ - perfect planning for perfect teeth is a therapeutic concept from Nobel Biocare company, the largest and most powerful dental implant manufacturer in the world, creators of some of the most original and highest quality implantoprosthetic solutions in dental medicine.

The procedure is based on the original concepts of Immediate Function ™ , Teeth In An Hour ™  and  Beautiful Teeth now™ which is to enable the patients to start using their implants and teeth on them in the shortest possible time, which is sometimes less than one hour.

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All-On-4™ treatment allows the patient to have implants placed and prosthetic restoration installed within 6-8 hours. Surgical part of the treatment is conventional, implies incision and complete insight to the bone where implants are to be placed. It is being followed by a temporary fixed prosthesis on the implants. In the postoperative period patient has mild pain and moderate swelling and everything is very tolerable.

NobelGuide concept went much further in terms of patient comfort, and of course, a huge benefit has a dentist as well, especially in timesaving, and the immeasurable satisfaction upon completed surgery.

The whole treatment is based on the CT (computerized tomography) data. Patient is being sent to a CT scan where a radiologist under strict dentist’s instructions prepares a CT "picture" of the patient's jaw with prosthesis. Already in this picture the patient is able to see the design of the future teeth to the last detail.

After that, using Nobel Clinician ™ program from two-dimensional CT images creates a three-dimensional virtual model.

Following precisely defined sequence in this 3D model implants are positioned respecting all the vital anatomical structures, and within ten minutes an online order of all required surgical components including the surgical template is done.

After a few days from Nobel Biocare’s center in Sweden ordered material arrives. Using aforementioned surgical template and Procera software dental technician can create the final prosthetic restoration, whether it is a bridge for the edentulous jaw, only several missing teeth, or just one crown.

When all is ready, patients comes to our office. During very relaxed surgical-prosthetic procedure, minimally invasive to the patient, without any incision, implants are inserted at predetermined places in the jawbone. After that pre-made prosthetic restoration is installed on implants.

In less than an hour the patient gets the implants and teeth, without pain or swelling and is ready to continue working, traveling, doing sports or anything else.

NobelGuide concept thus transforms pre-planned implant therapy into clinical reality.

Benefits of this type of treatment are multiple - minimally invasive surgery, significantly reduced pain, swelling and discomfort, a small number of visits and reduced time spent in the dental chair, which means less disruption in your daily life.

For many this means a huge savings. Duration of the whole treatment is significantly reduced. The procedure itself is much more predictable and safer, implants are optimally placed, and the final prosthetic restoration can be already produced and ready. Of course, if there is indication, prosthetic restorations setup can be delayed for a few hours to several days.

We will be happy to present you the NobelGuide concept in details and help you in choosing this particular method for your treatment!


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